Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I've Been Wearing Clothes, Just Haven't Taken Pics!

I'm trying to get back into my blogging routine.
So glad to have a new phone that I can use to take pics with.
It helps so I don't always have to get out my big camera.

I promise I have been wearing clothes everyday.
If I hadn't you would've heard about it on the news.
For you FOX enthusiasts, I would've been O'Reilly's pinhead of the day.
"CA teacher, mom, pastor's wife, doesn't wear clothes because she doesn't want to take a picture of herself."
Anywho, here's two outfits I've worn lately.

You've seen these pieces before.
Remember, I didn't like this flowy blouse as it was not exactly figure flattering
 (honestly, not much is for me).
One day I decided to put the vest over it so that the flowy would be fitted.
I have to say I did like this outfit.
Even received a few compliments about it.

The shirt and vest were both Kohl's super clearance deals.
Yea, clearance racks!!

Here's my Easter Outfit.

This year the family was matchy, matchy!
We were all in blues with the girls adding a coral color.
The only thing I bought new for Easter was the white shrug.
That was a deal from Lane Bryant Outlet.
The shirt was another Kohl's deal.
The jeans... 
(oh, yes, I did it.  I wore jeans on Easter to church.  I'm pretty sure Jesus was okay with it though!)
were a steal at Kohl's.

Funny hair story.
Usually I can make it between cuts without having to trim my own bangs.
But lately my hair is growing really fast.
On Easter morning, I did it.
I caved.
Out came the scissors and I snapped snipped those bangs.
They were beyond possible to do.
I think I did an okay job!
I don't think Paul Mitchell will be knocking on my door 
to train his hair styling professionals just yet though.

A one of a kind, Finding the Blessings necklace.
You too can own a beauty like this.
Please inquire within (that would mean with me).
I'm loving making my rosettes.
Check this out to see why roses are so important to me.

Here's a close-up of my necklace.
(and of me too, lucky you!)
This beauty was created on a wonderful Spring Break day.
I made several others in spring/summer colors.
All the rosettes are in the same fabric.
I kinda like it a lot.
My inventory is growing.
Time to get Etsy going and get some local things going as well.

I will try to take more pictures of what I'm wearing.
It's been hard because I'm in a fashion funk...
AKA not lovin the old body right now.
But that's another story for another day!

Finding the Blessings,

A bonus pic of two of my blessings here on Earth:

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  1. oh my are soo cute!

  2. Oh such pretty looks! Love that last photo of you. April has been so crazy, I've been struggling to keep up in bloggy world too!

    Thanks so much for linking at Drab to Fab!

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    Have a great weekend! :)