Saturday, October 22, 2011

So I fibbed a little...or a lot!

I think I ended one of my last posts with something about not waiting so long to post.  
Well, um. yeah, that didn't go so well now did it!  
Does four to five months constitute a long time?  
This summer I embarked on a journey of discovering my passions.  
That kinda of sounds weird!  
I have found that I have a new perspective on life and for my life.  
God continues to guide me through coping with the loss of a baby, and 
He has taught me so much.  
Through this journey I have uncovered a new desire to create and be creative.  
I read things and see things on blogs that other ladies are creating.  
I twist them and tweak them to create something new. 
 I have landed on creating things making rosettes and turning them into jewelry and other things.  I just realized today that they are called ROSEttes. 
See previous post about roses to see how God is working in my life!

Here's a sample of what I'm doing:

I spend my time brainstorming what I can make and how I can start to sell them.  
I received many compliments on the necklaces and people are surprised I made them.  
I'm starting to look at ways are can sell them to supplement my income as I have begun to pray about other opportunities that will allow me to be more available to my husband and kids.
Oh, and reduce the stress level in my life.  

Today I embellished four bags, made one necklace, and two hairclips.  
I started setting up a facebook to get my stuff out there.  
I'll ask you to like it when it's ready :)  
I need to take some good pics of my stuff first.  
My little adventure is going to be called, "Finding the Blessings."  
It's all because of Madelynn that all this has come about.   
I do this in honor of her!  

So, I would say that I promise to post often now, but I don't want to set myself up for failure!

I invite you to join along with me on this journey and 
see what blessings are waiting to be showered upon us!

Until later and with many blessings,

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