Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Random Thoughts

So many random thoughts to share with you.
I'm constantly thinking about what I'm going to blog about.
Today my thoughts kept getting interrupted by the busyness of life.

The van went into to get serviced and to check out the constant squealing I was hearing.
I noticed it  last week.
The windows were down and the music was quiet.
Hmmmm, wonder how long that's been squeaking?
Took it in to find out we needed new front and rear brakes with a fluid change for good measure.
Yikes!  Just what I wanted to drop some serious cash (credit) on.
I had so many plans for that money.
It was supposed to go to other bills, not create new ones.
But, I must remember that my car is now safe.
And also pushing 95,000 miles!

This week I finished reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker.
OMG!  Literally!  Oh, my God!
How He was speaking to me through her journey to reduce a life of excess.
To lead a life surrendered to Him and to leading others to a life in Him.
To use what we have been blessed with to help others.
I walk around the house antsy thinking of what we can part with,
and what I can pay off with that money.
I crave being in a position free of debt so that I can use the money I make to reach out and help my community.

Now I've started reading the book Interrupted also by Jen Hatmaker.
This book tells her story about how her comfortable life was interrupted.
The American Life: college, home, everything you want, the perfect pastor's wife, etc.
God breaking through all that to reveal a greater plan for her, to stir a passion in her.
A plan that causes us to step out of the greatness of our life to find what's best for our life.
But not without gut wrenching tension, a revealing of what is happening around us.
A coming to grips with this new path that God is calling you down.
Seeking His face and trusting completely.

That's kind of how I feel is happening in my life right now.
This good life I have right now being interrupted by a new passion.
A passion to reach out of my comfort zone.
Something that takes the best of me to complete.
Which then is the best for furthering God's kingdom here on earth.

Finding the blessings,

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  1. Love what God is teaching you. I'm struggling through the same kind of stuff.