Friday, April 13, 2012

Indescribable Joy!

Have you ever felt so much joy that you even had the goosebumps?
or chickees and Nathaniel calls them :)
The overwhelming feeling of just pure happiness.
Tearing up because the joy has just filled you completely.
I mean joy was just oozing out of your pores!!

This evening I experienced that indescribable joy.
There just aren't words for it.

Here is the source of this joy:
A true miracle, a blessing straight from God.

You see this little boy was born today to a family that went to great lengths to bring him here.
His mommy and daddy had to say goodbye to four of his older siblings.
Carried into Heaven in the first trimester of their existence.
They weren't even sure they wanted to attempt the road to bring him here.
The losses had taken a great toll.
The pain of another loss to great to bear.

But a sweet (and sassy) six year old girl deserves a sibling.
They wanted that for her.
It was scary.

Would God even grant them this blessing?

They made a decision.
They would step down this path.
Many trips to doctors would be necessary.
Mommy had to endure painful procedures.
Daddy held her hand and hoped for answers.

Answers came and prayers were answered.
Mommy and Daddy were on the path.
Scared to be happy and excited.
Fears and anxiety sometimes too much to handle.
As weeks and months pass, a little bit of relief could be felt.  (only a little bit)
Always the thought, would this baby stay here on earth with us?

Well today, a big sigh of relief.
That surreal moment.
The perfection that can only come from God.
This baby boy is here.

Beautiful, loved, perfect, a little brother five times over.
Love fills the room as Grandma holds her miracle.

I hold him.
Gazing at his perfect skin.
Watching the sweet faces he makes.
Looking over at his relieved mommy.
A sense of peace and awe all around her.
This miracle from God.
An indescribable joy!!

Finding the blessings,

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