Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"We're Getting Married!"

Yes, you saw that right, 
We're getting married!
Aren't you super excited?
We're thrilled.
We all can't wait.

Wait, there might be some confusion here.
Yes, Jason and I are married.
August 14, 1999 to be exact.
A beautifully fun day, almost 13 years ago!  Wow!

So what does this mean, "We're getting married!?"
Jason and I have been so fortunate to have found a community of friends we call family.
A group of people that God has so intricately woven together.
Some might even say an unlikely assortment of people :)
A community where we are truly ourselves all the time.
Each appointment divinely set for us to get to know each other and become a part of each other's lives.
Dinners at each others houses.
Kids getting along with each other.
Praying for each other.
Opening up to each other.
True community where we are building each other up, investing in each other.

Well, two of the people in this group are getting married.
Wahoo!!  Married, and in one month!
Before you whince and wonder why the rush...
This couple has been flourishing in a new relationship with God. 
 Attending church and small groups.  
Healing family relationships.  
Seeing that they needed to make they're relationship pure in the eyes of God.
So, why wait longer than necessary.

The excitement is in the air.
A proud mama who will watch her first born get married.
Married before a family of believers.
A marriage that will begin with God at the head.

We are all thrilled.
We all want to be a part of making this day special for them.
We're throwing in our skills, our talents, and our time.
In conversations while making plans we say, "We're getting married."
Or, "our wedding starts at..."
How about, "the theme of our wedding is..."
We all get a kick out of it, how we have all jumped right in.
Everyone one of us wants this to be such a perfect day for these two.
A beautiful day celebrating marriage and God's blessings on new beginnings.

So, I must be off to Pinterest as I continue my research for centerpiece ideas.
I'm part of the table decorating team :)
This is going to be so much fun and beautiful!
You know why, because it is God centered.
He is the focus and the reason we are in community with each other.

His blessing have been found here,