Friday, April 20, 2012

My Week in Pictures

I'm adopting this idea of sharing my week through the use of pictures taken only with my phone.
Jeannett started this sharing of pics over at 
Most of my pics are instagram.

life rearranged

So here's my week:
Forgoing the sink full of dishes to watch a movie with the family.
We watched, "We Bought a Zoo."
I think Nathaniel wants to buy a zoo now.

Breakfast for dinner, yes please!
I love when a little bit of the syrup mixes with the scrambled eggs.

Last food one, I promise.
A Target date the boy child.
We love pretzels with cheese.
You have to go the Target out on 63 to get a bigger side of cheese.
It's the little things :)

Out on our date.
I'm pretty sure I dragged him along thrifting.
I may have made him believe it was his idea.
I'm not sure.

Madelynn's roses are blooming.
Nathaniel suggested we take some to her.
My heart is always happy when I see the beautiful roses blooming.

A project worked on.
Shiny white IKEA cabinet turned into distressed red something.
I think it's going to become a special wedding piece.

A Hobby Lobby item that sparked some interest.
A total, "I can make that," moment.
Got some ideas for some frames sitting in my garage right now.

Janell and Jason watched War Horse.
Janell wants to read the book.
I brought two copies home from school.
The kids and I are reading it together.
Taking turns reading it out loud.
So much fun.

There are certain times that it becomes quite necessary to have a stash of sweets in the desk drawer.
I don't usually have candy in my desk at work.
This week just called for a little extra TLC.
Those Reese's minis are super yummy.
The Werther's are caramel filled.
Oh. My. Goodness.  They are every caramel lover's dream.
(Overkill alert!)
Twizzlers nibs are my Kryptonite.
Then they went and made super long nibs.
It's all downhill from here.

This is Nathaniel and Billie.
She loves Nathaniel.
She is the sweetest little five year old you could ever meet.
Such precious hands.
Finger nails painted so pretty.
She brings joy and happiness to those around her.

Nathaniel doing his hair for church, making it look like Daddy's.
He's getting so big.
He's seven already.
Where has the time gone?
He is sweet and caring.
I see a boy with a heart for those suffering.
He brings us a lot of laughs.
I mean a lot of laughs!!

But no matter how big he gets, he will always be my baby here on Earth.
His blankie was his dedication gift from church.
It is worn and tattered and in some spots barely hanging on.
He loves the "stringies."
The one in the picture is his special one.
He holds it by his nose and puts his thumb in his mouth.
I promise he only puts his thumb in his mouth when he is extremely tired.
Such a sweet moment.
He was laying next to me in bed because he felt like there was a really big spider in his closet.
He was scared.
Or just wanted to be with me.
I'll take the latter.

Today I heard great news.
The group that I am a part of, A Legacy of Love, was granted non-profit status.
We will be able to do more with this designation (including receiving donations).
There are so many plans that we are working on.
Currently we meet once a month at GateWay church for a support meeting.
This group is meeting a need in our community, reaching out to those families who have suffered a loss in pregnancy or the first year of life.
We are also working on developing and acquiring resources that can be given to families in the hospital or doctor's offices.
So many opportunities!

How was your week?
What were your blessings?

Always finding the blessings,

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