Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Tonight I'm thankful for Chicas.

The Urban dictionary defines chica as:
A name for a girl, preferably an extremely hot girl, that you find pride in just knowing her.

So I'm totally laughing now because Chicas is a name that four of us gals have given ourselves.  
I'm pretty sure we wouldn't define ourselves as extremely hot.  
Our husbands might say that :)
But I know we would say that there is a sense of pride in knowing each other.
This group of gals was brought together by a God who knew just what we need when we needed it.

It was the GateWay women's retreat.
Two gals ambushed two other girls' room.
They just planted themselves into their cabin.
Can you believe it?
I will tell you that God put them there!

We laughed a lot, we cried a lot, we opened up like never before.
I had found in those moment other ladies that felt just like I did.
That had the same issues that I had.
That got me.

We decided to cultivate these relationships.
We meet together.
We challenge each other.
We pray for each other.
We love each other.

Tonight I am thankful for the people God puts in our path.
I'm thankful that I am stepping out and developing these relationships with God Friends.
I'm thankful for Janet, Andrea, and Kristi!

Finding the blessings,

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