Monday, November 7, 2011

Walt Disney!

Today I am thankful for Walt Disney.

I'm thankful he had a vision to create a place for families to go experience happiness together.
I thankful for the happy times our family has when we go to Disneyland.

If you know me well you know I grumble about Jason's obsession with going to Disneyland.
I always talk about how there are other things to see. 
Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, etc.
I mean really, think about those Disneyland prices!
I wonder what Walt would think of the prices of things in his park.
But tonight, on my way home from work I was genuinely excited about our next trip.
Excited that we'll be going soon before our passes expire.
We'll get to spend time together.
We'll get to enjoy a bit of Christmas.
Thankful for a getaway to look forward to that will get me through conferences!
We went last year for Thanksgiving.
It was a neat experience for our family.
I think it just might be our new tradition ;)
This time we are going the days before Thanksgiving.
Ohhhh!  I can't wait!
(and Shhhhh!  Don't tell Jason that I really am excited about this trip!)
Enjoy some pics from our trips to Disneyland.
 Gotta live this kid!
 Our trip to Disneyland during Christmas!
 Poor Nathaniel was falling asleep walking.  Jason picked him up.  Then he had to go get the car from the hotel because the poor boy was out like a light!
 The joy of childhood!
 Okay, so I really do like our trips!
 It's snowing!
 What's this stuff?

Today I am thankful for the means to be able to take our family on a getaway!

Finding the blessings,

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