Thursday, November 3, 2011

He Makes Me Better

All day I had giving thanks on the brain...and a whole a lot of other stuff.
Today I am thankful for the man who make me a better person...
Jason, my husband.
Jason and I met in 1994 through a mutual friend at COS.
It was love at first sight, or something like that.
On November 4, 1994, he asked me to go out with him.
Yes, he wrote me a note that said, "Will you go out with me?  Circle yes or no!"
I circled yes!
Jason was the first true love of my life.  He was my first boyfriend.
He was a follower of Jesus.
He was, he was, he was.  The list goes on.
He really had all the qualities I was wanting in a husband.
We really did a lot of growing up together.
It wasn't always candy and rainbows.
There were rough patches. 
There were times where we sought God's will for our relationship.
I'm so thankful that it was in His will for us to be together.
In August of 1999, we became husband and wife.
We've experienced the best in life and the worst in life together.
Through those times Jason has always sought God's will for us.
I have always admired his humbleness toward his talents and abilities.
I strive to be like him in the way he builds others up and helps them to develop their talents.
I am grateful for the model he sets for seeking a God focused life.
I really could go gushing on about this man that God chose just for me.
I am sooooo incredibly blessed beyond measure to be Jason's wife!
I'm thankful today for his love!

I mean really, how could I not say yes to this:

Finding the blessings,

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