Sunday, November 6, 2011


I'll start off by saying that I have always had a hard time maintaining friendships. 
It's not that I'm too busy (although I'll say it is), but that I have an issue with acceptance of others.
Not of my accepting them, but rather a fear of them accepting me.
I'm always afraid that they won't like me.
(So, elementary school)
But seriously, I think more women struggle with this than would care to admit.

I don't fellowship well with others.  
At least this was the case for a really long time.
I'm working on getting better at putting myself out there.

Here's a definition off the internet of the word, fellowship:

friendly relationship; companionship:
community of interest, feeling, etc.
communion, as between members of the same church.

Well, that's sounds like a piece of cake.
Honestly, it's a struggle that I'm working through.  

So folks, tonight I'm thankful for fellowship and friends.

This evening our family got to spend time in fellowship celebrating our friend's birthday.
People from all aspects of this person's life coming together to celebrate her.
Conversations in every room.
Tons of kids (literally) enjoying being outside and playing together.
Little girls running away from little boys.
Their mommies sitting around a table sharing life.
New friends made.

Tonight there was laughter all around.
Bad days turned into good evenings.
The stresses of life checked in at the door.
No masks worn here, everyone being themselves.
Stories shared.

 I am thankful for friends.
Friends that check in with us and invite us to join them.
Friends that get us, get me!
Forever friends that can text each other during work 
(shhhh, don't tell, but sometimes you just have to) 
to share the stresses of life.
To know that even though time passes the connection that sparked so many years ago 
(like 26 years ago)
 is still there, we are still so much alike!
New friends, people I've known of and casually known for a while that have become God Friends.
Chicas that God has brought together that share so much in common and just long to have connections with other gals and be able to be themselves.
A circle to share their struggles, their joys, and to encourage each other.
Crafty friends, creative folks that I am learning so many things from.
A welcoming group and a place to share creative ideas and projects.

I am thankful for friends.  
I am thankful for time to fellowship with others
I am thankful for these steps I'm taking to put myself out there,
to go after these connections I long to have in my life!

Finding the blessings,

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