Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Call to Prayer!

It's Thursday and it's time to get thankful!
I have so much to be thankful for in my life.
I have a job.
I have my health.
My kids are healthy.
My husband is here with me.

I share this because tonight I want to ask you to be in prayer for families that don't have these things.
These are people I know.
I won't be using names because I haven't specifically asked them if I could share about them.
But the burdens are heavy, and they need us to be in prayer for them!

* A dear friend who on Tuesday morning was told that the company
he worked for was essentially shutting down.
Times are tough for local businesses.
More than 20 years with this family of workers. 
Prayer for new adventures that await.
The perfect place for his skills and passions.
The peace of knowing that God has a plan!
Letting God move in that plan!

* The family of the Vice President of that same company,
who suffered a major heart attack and died while in the midst of informing his workers of this turn of events.
A stressful position to be in.
Sadly, a life taken away too soon.
A wife and son (a junior in high school and former student) shocked beyond belief.
A doubt that this couldn't possibly be happening.
Surely the love of her life would be walking in the door at any moment like he always had after work.
A wife and son left to wonder what were the last words they shared.
What would they do now?

* The mother who sits by her son's beside in the hospital.
A mother who knows the grief and the pain of losing a child twice over.
Who prays earnestly that she will not experience this pain a third time.
A head injury and an uncertain future at the moment.
Painfully, a repeated history as she remembers sitting by her
son's bedside hoping that his brain would begin working.
A horrific accident causing a life ending injury of her high school son.
Her only living child now laying in bed.
I imagine the memories are unescapable.
She sits in the hospital chapel as she feels God's comfort and fills with His strength.
A church praying for her and her son.
God, please bring this son back to health.
Please spare this mother the pain.

* The family of student of mine who will travel to UCSF to be rejoined with the youngest daughter.
Next week she will be having surgery on her brain.
I don't know all the details, but I do know the burden this family carries is great.
Young children scared for their little sister.
A fourth grade boy who be a little man and support his mom and dad.
Be with the surgeons who will perform this very intricate surgery.
May the mom and dad feel comfort and peace.

There is so much to be thankful for.
I pray that these families are able to see God's hand at work.
My heart is burdened for them.
Please say a pray for these families before you leave this post.

Finding the blessings,

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  1. Thank you Denise for reminding all of us how blessed we are to have our precious babies, our children, family members, our jobs, our homes, and our health.........!