Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up!

Another weekend town the drain!
I didn't get much accomplished as far as projects go.

Friday after work I headed over to Visalia Emergency Aid thrift shop.
The first Friday of the month everything is 50% off.
I bought some glass stemware and candle holders to use for cake/platter stands.
Saturday I scored a white oval platter, bowl, and some salad plates.
All total the haul was about $25.00
I'd call that good.
Thanks to pinterest I've got some table setting ideas and gift ideas.

Saturday I saw a work email that said the area administrator was coming Monday morning for a visit.
I need to change my objectives out.
I'm doing what I'm supposed to be but that need to please and not get in trouble part of me plagues me.
Thank God for the follow up email today that says he's not coming tomorrow.
I still got the objectives ready but don't feel an added burden.

Today I overslept and missed church.
I've been really exhausted lately.
We went to our good friends' house to watch the Super Bowl.
Well, Jason watched and I chatted away with my friend.
Not sure what the kids were doing :)

Really, isn't Super Bowl just about the food and the visiting?
Today I was thinking of a few of my most memorable Super Bowls (I don't remember the years):

The year Michael Jackson was the half time show.
I was in jr. hi or hi school.
The youth group party was at Steve Stahl's house.
Jody Bowser was the youth pastor.
The memorable event taking a poll to see how many times Michael Jackson would grab himself.
For some reason the number 13 comes to mind.

The year we went to Corcoran to watch the Super Bowl with my Grandpa.
He had recently suffered a stroke and had neck surgery.
He loved to watch football.
I remember sitting on the couch while he cheered from his recliner.
I can hear is raspy voice now as I type this.

The year of the famous wardrobe malfunction.
We had people over at our house.
I think it was college kids.
It was the end of the half time show.
And hello Janet Jackson.
Everyone asking,
"Did it just show her ******?"
Everyone laughing...

It's fun to be together with friends.
To cheer and to laugh.
To watch the kids all getting along with each other.
To eat yummy 3 layer bean dip, chocolate cookies, brownies, and more.

Being with people you love is just plain fun!!

Finding the blessings,

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