Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Wore...

Well, what do you know, it's another What I Wore Wednesday.
It's a much needed break from the somber feeling I've been sportin this week.

So for fun and inspiration I'm linking up again with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy.
Go check out what ladies are putting together out of their closets!
pleated poppy

So hows about we have some fun around here!

I know you're thinking, "Who's that celebrity with the big glasses taking pics of herself?"
This was another work day. No jeans, oh my!

Look out, I went there..the full body shot.
I have wanted a ruffly tank top for a long time.
I found this one at Kohl's Saturday night.
The nicer, suitable for work, jeans were only $10!
In fact I came away with a good haul thanks to 40% off their clearance racks.
3 pairs of pants,
4 tank tops,
1 blouse,
This was my Sunday, church day, outfit.
It just so happened that Janell followed my color scheme.
Love her lots and lots!!

This was my Valentine's day outfit.
I got the shirt for super cheap, thanks Kohls.!
It's a sheer material and has a satiny tank underneath.
I guess it's like a peasant style top. So flowy, I actually danced around the field at recess. hehe
It tied in the back and was shorter in the front.
It's comfy to wear but I see here it's not exactly figure flattering.
I had a full body shot, but I just couldn't bring myself to share it.
I hate clothes that might lead friends and strangers to ask themselves (or me), "Is she pregnant?"
That's the last thing I need anyone to ask me!
This outfit can be best described like this, "Girl, get your act together and let go of that extra fluff!"
On a more positive note, the shoes were great!
Matched perfect to the colors in the blouse.
They were only $7.98 at Target.
Man I love those red stickers.
The hair clip is one of my creations.

Gotta wrap this up, I'm getting my hairs cut and styled tonight!
Hooray, my bangs need it!
Plus the time with a good friend is always, always a bonus!

Finding the blessings,

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