Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another What I Wish I Wore

I first saw What I Wore Wednesdays on
The Pleated Poppy by Linsdey Cheney
I love her style and love that other ladies are linking up what they're wearing.
Such inspiration from real people.

So I thought it would be fun to continue with the "What I Wish I Wore" Wednesdays.
Oh, someday it will truly be what I wore.
Just not ready to model yet ;)

So here's another fun post for tonight!

I have found that Pinterest is quite the motivator for losing weight.
Sure, I'm sitting (laying) on my bed swiping through hundreds of pins.
I search colors.
I find the pins from people who have put the cutest things together.
Some day, Some day I tell you,
 I will dress like these outfits and even share the pics with you to prove it.
I just need to break out of my comfort zone and do it.
Of course, modeling has always been on the top of my list for careers, NOT!
Hehehe, it's always good to be able to laugh at oneself!

Here they are, today's, "what I wish I wore":

The theme: Mustard (and gray)
I've been working on some pieces for my master bedroom which are in yellow.
So it's kind of on the brain.
I also have a mustard scarf that I just love wearing.

First up:

I love everything about this outfit and the outfit below.  
The colors, accessories, ballet flats, scarf, and the flower brooch!
Love, love, love!!!!
I will declare it today that I will wear an outfit like this soon.
Especially the one on top.
It is doable for this larger than average chica.

The umbrella below is a bit much.
Not feeling very Mary Poppins"ish."
Yes, I do believe a shopping trip is in order!!!

Now, those of you that know me know that I am a jeans kinds of gal.
I will dress it up in those jeans.
Cute shirt.
I'll rock those jeans.
But there was something about this outfit below that I was drawn too.
Besides the colors.
I even like the shoes.
This outfit would take me a while before I could make it a reality.
For now I will dream of myself wearing this.

Source: via Denise on

Now, I'm off to burn some calories cleaning the house up.
I'm working on my, "Waterski in June," plan.
I haven't waterskiied in over 15 years.
I'm determined to do it and look good doing it!

Maybe I'll go shopping soon to get that first outfit pictured.
I know I can do that one and feel good in it!

Hope you enjoyed these and found some inspiration!
Hop on over here to find other great sources of hope, I mean inspiration :)
pleated poppy

Finding the blessings,

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  1. Something else you can do, Deinse, rather than just finding outfits on Pinterest, is to make up your own outfits to post -- all these sets are pulled together using the site Polyvore. :)