Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful for Opportunities

Well, folks, I'm beat!
Super tired.  It's been a really busy week in our house.
Jason has been working so hard this week getting ready for the church annual business meeting.
He's out the door before we are and home well after us.
So blessed by his hard work in serving our Lord.
I am thankful for what he does behind the scenes to get things ready.
He does way more than just get songs ready to sing.
I have to admit I just might be his biggest fan!

Tonight, I am thankful for how the precious life of Madelynn Lorene has blessed others.
I am thankful that through such a tragic event in our lives, 
I am able to help others as they travel this unwanted journey.
I am thankful that a mom and dad spent time with their precious son who was born into Jesus' arms last night.
I am thankful for the pictures that a gracious photographer came and took for them.
I am thankful for a dear friend of mine who asks questions 
so that she can be a support and encourager to her good friend 
whose walk down this road of infant loss began last night.

Tonight, I am thankful for little Andy who has only ever known the perfect peace of God.
Grateful for a loving God who carries us through the sorrow and anger.
Praying for his mommy and daddy that they may feel God's comfort tonight and for the rest of this journey.

Finding the blessings,

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  1. I am so sorry another family has had to endure the horrific pain of the loss of their precious baby boy. My thoughts and prayers will be with his parents and family at this extremely difficult time. I know how much you and your friend were a comfort for them all. Hugs my sweet friend!