Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two Projects Done

Well, I've been a busy bee.
Last weekend I started a project for my master bedroom.
Our room has a double door entrance. 
When you walk in the door there is a wall that you see.
My plan was to make a gallery type wall display.
The focal piece is an oval mirror with small frames around it.
In those smaller frames I want to black and white things and pictures.
As I'm prepping this post I realized that I didn't take pics of the final looks of the frames and mirrors.
So, guess that means you'll have to wait until next weekend.

But here's a special treat to hold you over.
I added a drawer pull to the chalkboard from last weekend to serve as a chalkholder.
I picked up the beauty from a picking trip with some friends.
It completes the chalkboard.
Thanks Jaime from the Baeza Blog for the idea.

Now onto yesterday's project.
My parents gave me this end table.
It was my first furniture project.

Here's the details:
My family room colors are turquoise and red.
The plan for this piece was to sand it a bit.
Then paint it in ASCP old white.
When that I dried I did a lime wash of  ASCP's emperor's silk (red).
After that dried I painted it in ASCP's Provence (turquoisey blue).
I waxed, distressed, waxed, dark wax for added history, and then waxed again.
I love how it turned out for my first piece.
I like the rusticy, vintagey, look.
Hope you like my new words there.
So here's a picture tour:
(sorry about the pics.  They're not my best.  
My computer is running slow and I'm impatient and don't want to
wait to edit them before I post.)

 (See example of impatience)
Who wants to watch paint dry when you can help it along?

 I was on a mission last evening to find the right things to set on it.
I want a red lamp and something vintage to put in the cubby area.
Just like the chalkboard, I'll finish it and then post a completed pic later.

Well, now onto bigger and greater things I suppose.
I'm telling you it is fun to work with this paint.
I'm figuring out little things along the way.
I got the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint at Embellish and Restore.
Check them out on Facebook too.
They have a studio downtown.

What fun projects are you working on?
If you have any questions about this project let me know.
This post is short without a lot of explanation today.
I'm tired.  The Niners/Giant took it out of me. :)

Finding the blessings,

I've linked up these projects to these blogs:
Go check them out for lots of fun ideas!!

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  1. Ooo Super cute Denise! I love embellish and restore I've already done two projects with the chalk paint! It's so fun and easy! I've really been enjoying your blog!!