Friday, January 20, 2012

It's My Money and I Want it Now!

My brother did a FB status of the JG Wentworth commercials.  
I kept picturing the people hanging out of their windows saying,
"It's my money and I want it now!"

Well, Jason and I have finally gotten serious about knowing where our money is going.
We committed to chiseling away at the debt we've accrued from past choices.
Vacations, "important" things we needed, you might know a thing about that.
It was time to honor God by being good stewards of what He has provided us with.

I take care of the finances for the family.
I love numbers, but not when they don't work in our favor.
Lately I have been crunching numbers looking for ways to get down the debt.
We decided on some drastic measures.
At least drastic to the typical American family.

On Monday, I called and "paused" our DISH network.
Effective immediately.
We've got nothing.
And I have to say I haven't missed it.
In fact I'm more motivated than ever to find more money.
Where is it going?

I cancelled our long distance and cut back our land line to the basic service.
We both have iphones that we use for all our calls.
We don't even have a working phone in the house right now.

Next on my list is to get consistent at making a weekly menu.
We need to eat at home all the time.
That means having a plan otherwise it's too easy to say,
"I don't feel like it.  Let's just get..."

In the last two weeks we have cut out sodas.
When we have picked up some dinner we said no to soda.
Did you know that at most restaurants that saves around $8 for a family of 4?
I had been going to Sonic almost daily for a large diet dr. pepper.
If the kids were with me they got slushies.
Not exactly developing good habits.
On a side note: I have noticed my skin clearing up and I have felt really good the last two weeks.
Connection to no soda: possibly.  Maybe more discussion in another post.

Back to finding my money:
On Fridays, my friends and I go to lunch at Chiptole.
Instead of the burrito bowl, chips, and a soda for $9, 
I have changed my order to a chicken quesadilla or two crunchy tacos and a water.  $4.50
I secretly get excited when I think about the money saved.

Just today I realized I have "found" over $300.00.
That just makes me giddy knowing that we are being responsible grown ups.

This is weekend I'm going to attempt to figure out 
how to save money shopping at CVS with coupons and my extra care bucks.  
(Just got $7.50 of free money tonight).
I have to go visit the Money Saving Mom to read about her plan for how to do this.

Anybody have some couponing advice and suggestions?
I'd love some feedback!!

Finding the blessings,


  1. Check out Groupon app on your iphone! Can save all kinds of money here and there at different stores from restaurants to grocery stores. Not to mention, cutting out sodas completely is amazingly good for your body, even diet sodas. I started new years and feel way better! Love you!

  2. Denise, you should also check out and I follow both and have learned how to save some serious money couponing. In fact, it kills me now to buy something without coupons! You can also get the Target Red Debit card. Your purchase still comes out of your bank account, as if using your regular debit card, but you'll save an additional 5% off your purchase. It adds up!
    Now, if I could only find the willpower to start implementing some of the changes you are making to save myself some money too. Good luck, and thanks for sharing!

    Sarah (Beutler)