Friday, January 27, 2012

No More Little Caesars

Sorry Little Caesar, we will not be eating your pizza anymore!
As part of my quest to save money and the result of a hectic night,
I decided to get Little Caesar's pizza.
$5.00 pizza, two crazy breads, total: $7.55.
My thought was that I would then have lunch for the kids today since I was low on bread.
It was a win win!

3:00 am:  Janell comes into our room,
"I think I'm going to throw up!"
Jason says go to the bathroom.
She runs to her bathroom (which is not the closest one) leaving a trail all the way!

Without going into too much detail,
let's just say we won't be eating crazy bread for a really long time.

Jason and I have been nauseous all day.
I ended up having to call in another sub.
Janell and I hung out on the couches in the loft all day!
I may or may not have done quite a bit of pinning today,
which has caused great restlessness because of all the great projects I want to do.
Oh, and Nathaniel apparently has an iron stomach.  
He went to school today unphased!

So, what did I learn last night when I veered from my eat at home plan?
Don't do it!
Eat at home even if it's tortillas and peanut butter with a banana.
Which I'm pretty sure is way healthier that Little Ceasar's Pizza!
I do believe God has taught me a lesson.
Does he teach lessons this way? 

Finding the blessings,

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  1. Sorry~~~~~but I did laugh my friend! Hugs for a much more uneventful weekend. Oh I can so relate. The first time we went to Chiplote in Fresno, we had burritos. Oh my goodness!!!!! We have never been so sick in all of our lives! I swore we would never ever eat at Chiplotes again! Such a warm welcome to Mommyhood! Love you~~~~~~Renee'