Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I Wish I Wore!

So, part of my new newness is to start thinking outside the box when it comes to my wardrobe.
Now I don't mean going over the top or ending up on People of Walmart.
I just want to get out of the rut of buying the same colors and same styles of clothes.

That brings us to What I Wish I Wore Wednesdays.
I'm not ready to share pics of me posing in my new outfits or old ones for that matter.
You see, I have body dismorphic syndrome and 
I don't mean the kind that makes me think I'm bigger than I am.
I look in the mirror some days and think, "yup, this looks good.  I'm feeling good today.  Keep it up."
THEN, I walk by a classroom window at school, catch a glimpse of the sideview and think, "Whaaaa."
Yeah, I often think better of myself until I see a picture or window view.
Some might say that's having a positive self esteem.
I say, nope.  It's denial.  I'm fluffy.  
I need to get it together and get poof off.

Enough I of my woe is me!
For the time being I want to share pics of outfits I wish I wore.
Thank you pinterest for giving me something to do to fill up all that spare time I have,
or is that distract me from the things I need to do?

Okay, so here goes!
Today's inspiration: the color orange

orange and turquoise

I love the color orange.  It is my favorite.  I'm digging turquoise right now too.
I'll save that color for another day.

source:  pinterest  via Kammie Estelle

Love this outfit, except those shoes.
This tall chick does not do heels.
I think a nice flat would be just perfect.
And of course any outfit wouldn't be complete without an accompanying scarf!

One more for tonight:

source: pinterest via

Ahhh, I sure wish there was a magic pill I could take that when I woke up my closet would have these outfits and I would look awesome in them when passing the classroom window!
I am trying new stuff though and I'm loving it.
Like the 60% off clothes at Kmart.
Who would've thunk it?
A cute sweater thing with dark jeans.
I was loving it (and the profile wasn't too hard to take either)!

On a serious note, if you haven't played with Pinterest you really should check it out.
I have found it useful for school, inspirational quotes, DIY ideas, and on and on.
It really can be a useful tool!

Today I linked up with The Pleated Poppy and What I Wore Wednesday.
Check it out to see what other women are putting together for their wardrobes!

pleated poppy

Well, that's all folks.

Finding the blessings,

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