Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Be Still

Last week Jason had the chance to take a week and retreat away from the day to day.
He was able to do some reading, write some music, and share with others.
One day we were texting each other and I made a comment about God wanting him to be still.
Take time to just be with Him and to use the gifts he had been given.

Lately I've noticed myself feeling very antsy.
I feel like I always have to be doing something.
I know some might say that's a good thing.
Things have been organized.
Things have been made.
This is good, but I'm tired.

Today on the way to work I kept thinking of this phrase,
"Be still and know that I am God!"

Psalm 46:10
The Message (MSG)

 8-10 Attention, all! See the marvels of God!

      He plants flowers and trees all over the earth,
   Bans war from pole to pole,
      breaks all the weapons across his knee.
   "Step out of the traffic! Take a long,
      loving look at me, your High God,
      above politics, above everything."

I love the last part.
Step out of the traffic!
Take a long, loving look at me...above everything.
Above everything: 
life in this world,
paying the bills,
cooking dinner,
the dishes, 
the cleaning, 
the homework, 
the job, 
the driving kids around, 
the drama, 
the television. 

For some reason this picture makes me think of this stillness God asks of us.
To put aside everything that distracts us in our life to look at Him.
This picnic table sits along a path that is traveled by many as they run and walk along the lake.
Yet, you can see the life that has attached to the table.
That has grown from being out the elements, but is clearly undisturbed 
It hasn't been brushed away by busy joggers resting for a moment,
or from the family that sits together to enjoy a picnic.
An example of stillness.
A moment out of the traffic.
A marvel in itself from our creator.

Tonight I crave stillness!
Time to marvel at all God has done for me and for you.
Time that I must make a priority.

What do you do to be still, step out of the traffic, and look lovingly at God?

Finding the blessings,

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  1. I always feel antsy- haha! I need this reminder all the time. Thank's for your beautiful words :)